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Tenaga Expo 2020

This highly respected event has been proven to deliver maximum returns for both exhibitors and participants.


Launched in 1998
16 years history of excellence.
International Exhibitors
It includes National Pavilions from over 5 countries.
Total Increase Numbers of Spaces 
The numbers of booth space increased by 30% compared to 2018.
tenaga expo&forum
Splendid Show
The 2019 show covered over 20,000 sqm events.
Massive Numbers of Visitors
16,781 visitors attended in 2019 event.

The Exhibition

The 2019 exhibition turned out to be the best yet and the business community provided much needed help in this critically important area.


Exhibitor Expectation

85% of exhibitors were happy to get business opportunities

Exhibitors’ Overall Rating For The Show

82% of exhibitors were satisfied with the visitor quality

Figures in 2019
16,781 trade visitors and industry players in total. In 2019, 83.4% of visitors are decision makers. Ranges of Senior Purchasers.
Engineering / Technical Management 27.77 %
Administration & Information System Management 13.28 %
Repair & Maintenance 3.15 %
Business Development/Sales & Marketing 20.90 %
Consultant/Contractor 9.23 %
Facility/Resident/Engineer/Architect/Building Surveyor 2.90 %
Corporate Senior Management 13.71 %
Financial/Procurement/Purchasing Management 5.70 %
Plant Management/Operation 2.83 %
Market Updates


Amongst the ASEAN members, Malaysia is the second largest electricity consumer.
It is forecast that electricity demand in Asia will rise by another 150% by 2035 and account for 60% of growth in global demand for electricity.
From 2008 – 2030 world energy consumption is expected to increase more than 55%.
Approximately 30% of energy used in buildings is used inefficiently.
Around two billion people in the world are currently without electricity.
In Malaysia, not less than 90% of the energy mix for power generation comes from fossil fuels.
TNB Total Power installed capacity of 9041 MW (7130MW Thermal Plant and 1911 Hidro Plant) with revenue growth of 11.2% (10.8% peninsular and SESB 18.7%).
In Malaysia, the demand for electricity continues to soar at a rate of 4.3% in the West and 4.8% in Sabah, in line with economic development and thus, reinforcing the need to invest in major new infrastructure.


64% of electricity usage in the Malaysian household is for refrigeration & air-conditioner.
In the field of Power Generation, TNB are implementing very important coal energy technologies in a new plant being developed in Manjung, Perak, which will increase the efficiency to 40%, compared with the average 37% power efficiency at conventional coal-fired plants.